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If you want to use a css style sheet, that's fine.

The other pages have shown you what you can do using only the Zyberweb Editor. But here is a table produced using a css class to give alternate coloured rows.

Student List
Student NameDate of BirthClassID
Joe Bloggs27/08/1997Mrs Eileen Williams12009
William Smith20/07/1997Mrs Jones12010
Jane Toad21/07/1997Mrs Jones 12030
Amanda Williams19/03/1997 Mrs Edwards12021
Kylie Jameson18/05/1997Mrs Jones12022
Louise Smith17/07/1997Mrs Edwards12019
James Jones04/04/1997Mrs Edwards12007

Or to give this spread sheet like appearance

Yearly Income 1999 - 2002
199920002001 2002
Grants11,980 12,6509,70010,600
Donations4,7804,9896,700 6,590
Investments8,000 8,1008,7608,490
Fundraising3,2003,1203,700 4,210
Sales28,400 27,10027,95029,050
Miscellaneous2,1001,9001,300 1,760
Total58,460 57,85958,11060,700

Both these examples were created using CSS and HTML from chapter 5 of Rachel Andrew's excellent CSS Anthology. This book has over a hundred simple and very effective CSS/HTML routines to create a very effective web site.