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Sunday 25th October 2011 Sydney Australia

Not a lot happened today. It was so wet that we pretty much had to stay indoors - so much for sunny Australia! But I did get a new fan and install it in the veranda so that - when the sun DOES come out, we can keep cool out there.
Meanwhile here is a picture of Bondi beach for all those who can't just catch a bus over there...

Actually the web cam for Bondi was pretty naf so here is Ballina surf cam instead.

We tried to get into Ballina once in a South Westerly gale. The idea was to drop off a couple of crew who were very sea sick. But the surf was impossible and we quickly decided not to attempt crossing the bar there.

One of the crew later asked if we could sail close inshore as we passed Byron Bay, so he could swim ashore!

Monday 26th October 2011 Sydney Australia

The day started really well. About mid-day I decided to fiddle with my examples website - bit of a mistake! I got carried away and spoiled it. Decided to delete it and do it all again, partly to see how long it would take from scratch. So here I am about 40 minutes later with it nearly all back together again. I want to put another day's blog above this one and include a picture with it, to show it is not hard, then grab some Greek to make a Greek web page and finally put together an advanced page using a default css file to create a table or something

Well that took me one hour and 15 minutes to completely create and host this website, from scratch. I did have my images ready to upload as well as the css default file I used in the 'Advanced' page. I was impressed!

Jan 3rd 2012

Had a great day. Created a fantastic playhouse with Pelly for the triplets, out of bits of old playschool!

Then had a walk around Panorama, coffee and too much sweet sticky pudding then went up onto the roof and took this photo of sunset over the Bay of Thermi and Mount Olympus

April 13th 2012

Friday 13th but I believe nothing too terrible happened!

Ruth and I took Raffy to Darling Harbour for the afternoon. We went to the National Maritime Museum where there was an exhibition about the Titanic.

We saw some of the original costumes from the film, including dresses worn by Kate Winslett. Some of the information about the ship itself was new to me and, of course, the facts reminded me of the avoidable nature of the whole tragedy. But then, it is always easy to say that after the event!